Each one of us has a cup-like receptor that takes in experiences. It is not for us to determine the size. That cup can hold all the experiences of a lifetime and overflow. If we are not stingy and small-minded, we will welcome many good experiences and goodness always overflow naturally.
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YOMIM-promoWe cannot live by bread alone. We need some celestial nourishment to be
fuly human, and thus spirtual. Hence, we invent myths and “devour” them
and are continually nourished by them. Mythis are an essential substratum
of all religious and all spiritual creeds.
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Sunder Thadani


I am ur own man in Mumbai

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Life is fulfilling, but you are not in contact with life. Old contact is lost, new has not been made. You are in a transission- hence you are so dull, hence life looks so mediocre, sad, boring-even futile. When a person learns to read, difficulties arise; now the self is rising. In villages, people are happy. The are closer to trees and nature than in London or New York. Trees have disappear; there are only asphalt road, concrete buildings, all man-made.
The farther away you go from nature, the farther you are from happiness.
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Sunder Thadani in Mumbai
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Money is in the mind: a product of maya [illusion], particularly, at a time, when the world is sinking, into the quicksand of recession. Chivas Regal ad which shows a half-full bottle with the line: “to the host it is half empty, to the guest it is half full” is even more appropriate to the maya of money, than to whisky. The current financial crisis is based not on tangibles but on perceptions.

This time there is lot of difference in the situation. We are, generally speaking, better fed, better clothed, better cared for medically and longer lived that we have ever before.

So, in the midst of tangible plenty why this sudden panic of global penury, of a looming Great Depression?

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I am Sunder Thadani. I stay in Mumbai, India. For your info:
By 2025, Mumbai is to be 2nd largest city in the world, and will
replace, New York, London, and Mexico Mumbai .
Mumbai will be the second most populated city after Tokyo.
This is the estimate made by UN Habitat in its latest report, `State of the World’s Cities 2008/09`.
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Sunder Thadani.
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